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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 0000009611 [iOS]
Feature Request
featureassigned (gumdal)2017-06-25Rescuer list
 000001526   [Android]
majornew2017-04-13GPS hardware declaration in manifest json
 000001341 [iOS]
majorassigned (gumdal)2017-04-10Look Alike information not updated
 00000073   [Android]
Feature Request
featurenew2016-11-22Bug Report or Feature request link in app
 00000126   [Website]
Feature Request
minorassigned (gumdal)2016-11-22Views filters for People list
 00000113   [Website]
Feature Request
majorassigned (gumdal)2016-11-22Responsive Theme for website
 00000061   [iOS]
Feature Request
featureassigned (gumdal)2016-11-17Bug Report or Feature request link in app
 00000142   [iOS]
majorassigned (gumdal)2016-11-17Image in Aggregated view blows outside the width of screen
 0000010 1 [Android]
Feature Request
featurenew2016-09-05Rescuer list